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As of July 1st, 2024

Nightly Rate $22

Daycare $22

Service Rates

Add-On Options

Kitty Interactive Play $5.25

No Nose-to-Nose Contact Facility

We do not breed or temperament restrict so although our boarding guests will hear and see other animals they will not interact with them.

Outside Time

Two daily pampering sessions are included in your pups stay; however, you can add additional sessions for $6.50 each.

Pampering sessions are time spent outside of your pet's kennel either on leash walking the grounds with staff or off leash in the play yard.

Pick-Up Hours

Boarding Services

7:30am-11am @ No Additional Charge.

11:30am-4:45pm pick-up

$20 additional per pet charge.

After Hours

We do not have extended hours however, you are running behind for check-out, you may contact the front desk prior to 5pm to prepay for your pickup and you late pickup fee of $15 and we will accommodate your pick-up until 5:15pm Monday-Saturday. Staff will not be able to accommodate past 5:15pm. 

Have More Questions?

Visit our FAQs page for more information about our services and how to assist in making your pets stay the best stay ever. 

Required Vaccinations

Vaccinations For Dogs 

Rabies, Distemper/Parvo (dhpp), and Bordetella 


Vaccinations For Cats

Rabies, FVRCP

It is the owner's responsibility to provide current legible vaccination records PRIOR TO DROP OFF. It is the law.

You can upload them to your Paw Partner account, or email them to us directly. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 

Facility Details

Our facility is indoor heated and cooled. 

Our kennels are 18ft x 4ft and 26ft x 4.5ft. 

The space is divided by a middle door between the front of the kennel and the back. 

Bedding and bowls are set-up in the front of the kennel. The back of the kennel is left free of any belongings so that there is a place away from them the can use the potty at all times. 

House Kibble 

Dogs 25Lb & under - $1 per day

Dogs 26 -60Lbs - $1.75 per day Dogs 61 - 90Lbs - $2.50 per day Dogs 91Lbs & over - $3.25 per day

Cats - $1 per day

Book a Stay

Click one of the links to to the left to be directed to our personalized platform Paw Partner. You can create an account & request reservation, 24/7 upload your vaccinations, view photos of your pet while you are away and much more. Download the app to stay connected.

Handling Fees

Pets boarding with us that have special temperament triggers or behaves in a manner that causes risk of harm to themselves, other pets at our facility, or staff members will be tagged and assessed. Depending on severity of the behaviors, these accounts will be handled by senior staff and have an additional $5 per day handling fee added to the service price. If your pet is being assessed for handling fees, you will be made aware and additional documentation will be discussed and provided.

Arrival Times

Mon-Sat 7:30 am to 4:00

Beginning Oct 1st, 2023

Any pets dropped off after 4:30 pm will incur an additional fee of $15. Due to staff having to stay after hours to set them up.

Packing Food 

We encourage you to be thoughtful when determining portion sizes for your pet. We will maintain our no recycling food policy so that we can continue to track the amount of food eaten as well as hygienic standards in the kennel environment and we hope to throw away as little food as possible

Extended Stays

We have long term boarding available for guests stay over 30 days. Must be paid each month at the beginning of the Month. This is a Prepay services, you will be charge for the upcoming month.

Please see our blog for additional information about what to bring when boarding.  bloglink


You can also connect with us through  instagram @paradisekennelsga

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