$30 first night

$15 for each additional night


$36 first night

$18 for each additional night

Under 25lbs

$32 first night 

$16 for each additional night

Over 90lbs 

$40 first night

$20 for each additional night


$34 first night 

$17 for each additional night 

Grooming available for pets on day of pickup

Request when you drop your pet off

Required  Vaccinations 

Dog are required to have current Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella vaccinations 

Cats are required to have current Rabies and FVRCP

You can email or fax your new client forms and your shot records to us at or (706) 868-7273. 

Please include your boarding dates when submitting documents electroniclly.

It is your responsibility to provide record that your pets vaccinations are current before leaving your pets at Paradise Kennels for boarding. 

All About The Details

We are an all indoor, heated and cooled facility. 


Our Kennel's runs are 4ft wide by 18ft long and divided into two sections by a drop down door.

The front area of the run  is the designated living area and is setup with your pets food and bedding, whereas the back is left empty so that your pet has 24 hour bathroom access in doors.


For dogs over 90lbs or multiple medium sized dogs or larger boarding together, we have runs that are 4ft by 26ft long. 

When boarding your dog will have 2 pampering sessions per day. Pampering sessions is 15-20 minutes of playtime when your pet will go either to our outdoor play-yard off leash or outside on leash for grass time. 

You may add additional pampering sessions to your pets stay for $5 per session. 

Additional Information

A few things to note:

Please bring your pet's food with you when boarding. Sometimes changing their diet can cause digestive issues. To avoid that we try to keep with the same food and as close to the same feeding schedule as we can. 

We have plenty of bedding and bowls, so you don't need to bring any of those things but you are more than welcome to bring a comfort item or favorite toy from home. 

Please see our blog for additional information about what to bring when boarding.  bloglink


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