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Click one of the links below to be directed to our personalized platform Paw Partner. You can create an account & request reservation, 24/7 upload your vaccinations, view photos of your pet while you are away and much more. Download the app to stay connected.

House Kibble Policy 

Because it is in the best interest of your pet to have them maintain the same diet they eat at home, we highly encourage you to bring their food packed in pre-portioned bags or containers so that we can verify enough food is provided for all meals during their stay.  

If you bring food from home unportioned and it is not enough to last the duration of the reservation, we will provide one day of complementary only. A daily charge will be added to your account each day after. 

In the event you forget their food or choose not to bring food, there will be a daily charge for the food we provide. 

Dogs 25Lb and under - $1 per day
Dogs 26-60Lbs - $1.75 per day
Dogs 61-90Lbs - $2.50 per day
Dogs 91Lbs and over - $3.25 per day

Cats - $1 per day

We encourage you to be thoughtful when determining portion sizes for your pet. We will maintain our no recycling food policy so that we can continue to track the amount of food eaten as well as hygienic standards in the kennel environment and we hope to throw away as little food as possible. 

Long-Term Boarding Available - 30 days or more

No Nose-to-Nose Contact Facility

No Temperament Testing or Spay/Neutering Required​

We do not breed discriminate and on the occasion that you have a "one owner" pet, we are able to provide no contact boarding. We can safely provide care for your pet without having physical contact with them.

We will never intermingle your pet with other family's pets without your knowledge and consent.

Handling Fees effective June 1st, 2023

Because it is our goal to be able to provide services to all our customers’ pets, including the ones that present challenges, we do not breed, or temperament restrict at our facility. Pets boarding with us that have special temperament triggers or behaves in a manner that causes risk of harm to themselves, other pets at our facility, or staff members will be tagged and assessed. Depending on severity of the behaviors, these accounts will be handled by senior staff and have an additional $5 per day handling fee added to the service price. If your pet is being assessed for handling fees, you will be made aware and additional documentation will be discussed and provided.




Monday-Saturday 7:30am-4:45pm

Monday-Saturday 7:30am-12pm with no additional charge. After 12pm - $20 per pet Late Checkout Fee will be applied. 


If you are unable to retrieve your pet before closing time, a $15 per pet after hours fee will be added to your account.

For extended hours pick
up you must make arrangements before 5pm the day of pick up and prepay your account balance. 

Boarding Customers:
If your pets are not
receiving an exit grooming or bath service, you will be charged both the late checkout fee of $20 per pet as well as the afterhours fee. This is an additional $35 per pet.



Two daily pampering sessions are included in your pups stay; however, you can add additional sessions for $6.50 each.

Pampering sessions are time spent outside of your pet's kennel either on leash walking the grounds with staff or off leash in the play yard (based upon availitiby) 


From August 1st- April 31st you can stop by on NON-HOLIDAY weeks between 9am and 2pm, Monday-Saturday. May 1st - July 31st, between 9am and 2pm Tuesday- Thursday.    Please call for additional touring information around holidays and during the summer. 


Dogs: Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella 
Cats: Rabies, FVRCP

It is the owner's responsibility to provide current legible vaccination records PRIOR TO DROP OFF. If you don't provide your records in advance, we can upload them at the time of drop off however, if we are busy, you may be asked to wait until the accounts with preapproved vaccination are checked in. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 

Uploaded your vaccination records to your pets Paw Partner account for approval. 


Take it or Leave it?
What to know when boarding at Paradise...

Please bring your pet's food with you when boarding. Sometimes changing their diet can cause digestive issues. To avoid that we try to keep with the same food and as close to the same feeding schedule as we can. 

Pre-portioned bags are suggested and appreciated, but not required, however at the minimum we ask that you bring the cup or scoop that you use at home clearly marked so we can keep portions consistent. 

Please bring any medication you pet needs while boarding as well as anything you use to administer at home including pill pockets, lunch meat, etc. We can administer up to 3 medications, up to 3 times daily during regular operating hours, including insulin. If your pet needs more than 3 medications, we suggest boarding with a veterinarian.

We ask that you leave your bowls at home. We have more than enough that we are happy to provide and many different feeder options. We also provide bedding but you many bring additional bedding and/or a comfort item or favorite toy from home. 

Please see our blog for additional information about what to bring when boarding.  bloglink

You can also connect with us through  instagram @paradisekennelsga



Nightly Rate: $17

Set Up Charge: $13

Day-Boarding $15


dOGS  61-90LbS


Nightly Rate $22

Set Up Charge: $14

Day-Boarding $18


dOGS uNDER 25Lbs

25 and under.jpg

Nightly Rate: $20

Set Up Charge: $12

Day-Boarding $16


dOGS oVER 90Lbs

over 90.jpg

Nightly Rate: $24

Set Up Charge: $16

Day-Boarding $20


dOGS 26-60Lbs


Nightly Rate: $21

Set Up Charge: $13

Day-Boarding $17




Nightly Rate: $15

Set Up Charge $15

Day-Boarding $15

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