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Helpful Boarding Tips: What Should I Bring When Boarding?

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Whether it's your first time boarding or you are a seasoned pet parent that is using a new facility, you may have a list of questions floating around your head causing you to have stress and anxiety. We are going to answer some common questions about this topic.

What gives us the right to talk about this topic; Paradise Kennels has been in the pet care industry here in Augusta, Georgia since 1977.


As the years have gone by many things have changed in the pet care industry including the expectations of pet owners as well as pet care facilities. We can not speak on every facilities policies but we will explain ours, and the common things we have heard about other pet care facilities. It is always best to check with the facility you are boarding with for their specific requirements.

To help you make sure you are not forgetting anything in preparation for your pet's upcoming boarding stay, here is a checklist of common items you will want to consider packing.

Pet Packing Checklist
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Shot Records

There are state mandated shots required and facility mandated shots required for boarding so it is always best to check the website of the facility you're using to board or call them to verify what vaccinations are required. At our facility a current Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordatella are required for dogs and Rabies and FVRCP for feline, but regardless of what the specifics are, you will ALWAYS need current records on file at your pet care facility.

Pet Food

We, along with many other pet care providers, ask that you bring your pets regular food from home. Being away from you and their home can be stressful to your pet and can cause them to have digestive issues while they are boarding. Changing their diet will increase the likelihood of your pet having an upset stomach.

Note: We do not require it here at Paradise Kennels, however some facilities require you to portion your pet food into individual containers and have them labeled for each pet. Although it is not required here, it is very appreciated when a pet parent takes the time do this. It really ensures constant feeding for your pet when they are boarding.

Bring any measuring tool that you use to measure your pet's food. A scoop at home my be different than the scoops used at your boarding facility so to ensure accurate feeding bring those items with you when you are boarding.

Some pet parents free feed at home and their pets self regulate how much they eat. When boarding, your pet care provider wants to be able to track the amount of food your pet is consuming while they are boarding to maintain proper care.

Medication and Measuring Tools

It is so important that you not only remember your pet's medication, but the proper tools needed to administer it with. On more than one occasion we have be going through a pet's belongings to write up their report card only to find liquid medication with no dropper.

Comfort Item

Most pet care providers prefer you not to pack the kitchen sink when boarding your pet, so please don't over pack, however it can be helpful for your pet to have a comfort item. This is an item like a favorite toy or a shirt that smells like you, or them so that they feel more at home. Make sure that their comfort item isn't something you mind being chewed or getting dirty.

Some providers may request food bowls or bedding, but we already provide those things here and prefer that you leave those items at home so they don't get mixed in with ours.

If you are unsure, don't hesitate to contact your pet boarding facility and see what their specific requirements are. These are just the most common we have seen. Hope this was helpful and have a tail-wagging day.

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