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Creative grooming is awesome way to show off yours or your pets personal style and flare. From fun colorful pom-poms and funky mohawks to full color character transformation, the possibilities are unlimited. We offer a wide section of services to meet your transformation needs. Bring out your pet's personality with a custom color to match their sass.

You can download and fill out grooming documents below.

New Client Document 

Creative Grooming Release

Permanent Color Release

We always use nontoxic pet safe products during creative grooming services, however results with any product may vary and be unpredictable. Not typical but it is possible that your pet may have irritation or a reaction related to products used during their service.

We want to always remain transparent with our customers, so although it is rare, this is possible. 


Temporary Tattoos

Small $5-$8 | Medium $8-$15 | Large $15-$25

Temporary Tattoos will last anywhere from 2 days to 7 days depending on your pets coat and location of tattoo.

Marble Surface

Temporary Color

Level up your pet's style with creative cuts and color


Top Knot/Tie-Up $15-$20

Ear Color $15-$20 | Tail $15-$20

Two Area Combo $25-$30


Longevity of color can vary. On areas of larger coverage, color will typically remain longer. Results can last from 2 days to 2 weeks or longer.


Gem Stone Design

$1 for every 2 Gem Stones

Gem Stone design is a great way to ass a little something special to your pet's grooming. These gems can be added to your pets ears, face, or toenails. The amount of thime the gems will last varies greatly on your pet's activity level.


Designer Color & Cut 

These designer cut and color combos are priced for each individual guest. They include a standard grooming services of bath, brush, bollow-out, ear cleaning, anal glands expressed, and toenail clip and/or dermal. 

Your furry companion with be the coolest pup at the park with these eye-catching designs.



Creative Grooming


Give them a style as unique as you are


Your furry companion will undoubtedly be a show stopper with one of these jaw dropping custom designs. 

These designs are beautiful and unique but understandably take time to achieve and typically take multiple sessions.

 If lightening is required, your services will be split into a 3 cluster appointments. We spilt these services to mitigate damage and protect the integrity of their coat.  

 An advance consultation is required and you must pay a 50% of total cost deposit prior to booking your pet's session.

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